Friday, April 22, 2011

Post-election violence in Nigeria - what nonsense!

The violence that erupted in parts of Northern Nigeria following Dr Goodluck Jonathan's presidential election victory was truly nonsensical and unbecoming, especially after the election had been adjudged as credible by all independent-minded observers.

The notion that "it must be Buhari or nothing" betrays one of the underlying problems of Nigeria - that individuals and personalities matter and institutions don't. Jonathan should have demonstrated his grip over the affairs of the country, in particular over the safety of the populace, by clamping down effectively on the rioters, not joining the meek responses of the various public figures who have been pleading with the rioters to stop or that Buhari should please call the goons to order. What nonsense! If there was a riot in an area of the South, there would have been an heavy-handed clampdown instantaneously. But in the North, we must tread carefully so as not to upset the sensitivities of the powers that be. Upset them please I say. Otherwise, we are merely saving a much bigger upset for another day - one that none of us is going to find funny if it occurs.

Of course, Jonathan, like Buhari and Ribadu, is wholly unsuitable (having neither the emotional intelligence nor the courage required for the role) for the office that he currently holds. However, since the very counter-productive nature of politics in Nigeria (one characterised mainly by gangsterism) only managed to produce a bunch of idiots as the top candidates, the best outcome given the circumstances was a Jonathan victory; and it just so happens that that was what the majority of the people thought.

So anyone who doesn't like this can go and hug a live transformer!

In any case, Buhari, (like Babangida, Obasanjo, Gowon etc) should be serving a life prison sentence for treason and subjugation of the Nigerian Constitution, not contesting for the most important job in the land.