Thursday, January 28, 2010

Living In The Moment

Life is simply a collection of moments and so its important to enjoy the ones that blow our live "in" the moment ‘cos once its gone, it has, forever! So please allow yourself to be consumed by moments of joy (and even pain) and open yourself up to the phenomena around you....whether it be talking to one dearly loved, or just watching little children play non-challantly. No good moment can be replicated!

Assume water. Adapt to your surroundings...Try not to regret...look forward instead but live only in the present moment... and in whatever you do, aspire to be the best!



I shall remain different
I shan't follow the stream
Since I won't always be present
I might as well follow my dreams

My mind is racing and pacing
With deep & venomous thoughts
Painful knowledge that I'm chasing
Puts my heart in a torturesome froth

Yet, rise I must
Without fear or shame
Seemingly free of care and remorse
And, inadvertently, perhaps elevate my name

I am a dove
A wandering bird of time
Unconstrained by fables like love
And if loyal to my goals, I'll do just fine

- Copyright © Olumide Omoyele 2010