Sunday, May 2, 2010

3 Decades of LIFE

As I approached my thirtieth birthday, I must admit to have suffered from some anxiety and a degree of trepidation. You know how the story goes i'm sure...i hadn't achieved all that i dreamt of achieving by this age...and so on...hints of failure here and there...yet, hints of success too.

But now i realise that all things are relative and that one must look at where one has come from and where one finds oneself and opposed to simply thinking in absolutes. But surely, also, one mustn't cease aspiring. Greatness, as is the case with Fortune, favours the brave after all!

Hopes and dreams are useful of course as they continue to drive me forward and hopefully upwards. Plans are even more important as they are a little more grounded in reality i suppose.

So, as I have with Death, I have now also come to terms with ageing and this is the daily as though it might be my last / remain instinctive / less planning and more doing / grab the oppotunities as they manifest / be fearless / maintain physical and mental sharpness / stay young mentally and physically / live wildly and widely and daringly / let go of the fear of failure / enjoy more of the simple things in life / respect all; fear none / live it up alwayz!

So, today, I celebrate 30 years of existence. Having not planned to do anything initially, I will now go out 2nite and have F U N! Abacus Bar in London is where it's at. So, come join me!!

i am